Comments received on "Revised Basel III leverage ratio framework and disclosure requirements - consultative document"

On 26 June 2013, the Basel Committee released its consultative document "Revised Basel III leverage ratio framework and disclosure requirements". Interested parties were invited to provide written comments by 20 September 2013. These comments, in PDF format, are available below.

The Committee wishes to thank those who have taken the time and effort to express their views.

American Council of Life Insurers   154 kb  
Association of Global Custodians   66  kb  
Association of Russian Banks   162  kb  
BAFT-IFSA   409  kb  
Bank of America Corporation   54  kb  
Bank of China   32 kb  
Bank of Commnications   30 kb  
Barclays   415 kb  
BlackRock   178 kb  
BME Clearing   36 kb  
BNP Paribas   111 kb  
BNY Mellon   103 kb  
Building Societies Association   127 kb  
Canadian Bankers Association   670 kb  
Citigroup   562 kb  
CME Group Inc   2790 kb       6088 kb  
Collection response of various banking and finance associations   7286 kb  
Committee on Securities Lending of the Risk Management Association   58 kb  
Conference of State Bank Supervisors   388 kb  
Deutsche Bank   402 kb  
Deutsche Börse Group   132 kb  
Dov Fischer, Brooklyn College   34 kb  
European Association of Public Banks   208 kb  
European Banking Federation   588 kb  
European Federation of Building Societies   88 kb  
French Banking Federation   171 kb  
Futures Industry Association   131 kb  
German Banking Industry Committee   138 kb  
Global Association of Central Counterparties   304 kb  
Goldman Sachs   176 kb  
Gordian Knot   324 kb  
Hong Kong Association of Banks   254 kb  
Institute of International Bankers   46 kb  
Intercontinental Exchange, Inc   149 kb  
International Banking Federation   156 kb  
International Securities Lending Association   238 kb  
Japan Financial Markets Council   140 kb  
Japanese Bankers Association   46 kb  
JP Morgan Chase   771 kb  
KAS BANK   31 kb  
Korea Federation of Banks   59 kb  
LCH.Clearnet   205 kb  
Marianne Ojo   132 kb  
Morgan Stanley   124 kb  
Realkredit   93 kb  
Royal Bank of Scotland   1955 kb  
Securitization Forum of Japan   39 kb  
SIFMA   167 kb  
Standard Bank Group   41 kb  
Standard & Poor's Ratings Services   37 kb       309 kb  
State Street   182 kb  
Swedish Export Credit Corporation   2630 kb  
TF Mortgage Advisors   302 kb  
Thai Bankers Association - Basel Club   23 kb  
The Clearing House   927 kb  
U.S. Chamber of Commerce   156 kb  
UBS   143 kb  
Wells Fargo   61 kb  
World Institute of Savings Banks - European Savings Banks Group   389 kb