Final conference of the BIS CCA Research Network on "Exchange rates: key drivers and effects on inflation and trade"

hosted by the BIS Representative Office for the Americas1, Mexico City, 9-10 August 2018.


Thursday 9 August

Session I

Chair: Benoit Mojon (BIS)

  "Estimating the effect of exchange rate changes on total exports" (presentation, later published as BIS Working Papers, no 786)
by Thierry Mayer (Science Po) and Walter Steingress (Bank of Canada)
Discussant: Mike Waugh (NYU Stern School of Business) (presentation)
  "Asymmetries and non-linearities in exchange rate pass-through" (presentation)
by Mina Kim (US Bureau of Labor Statistics), Logan T Lewis and Robert J Vigfusson (Federal Reserve Board)
Discussant: Raphael Schoenle (Brandeis University) (presentation)
  "Retailer markup and exchange rate pass-through: evidence from the Mexican CPI micro data" (presentation)
by Fernando Pérez-Cervantes (Bank of Mexico)
Discusssant: David Argente (University of Chicago) (presentation)
  "Industry Heterogeneity and Exchange Rate Pass-Through" (presentation, later published as BIS Working Papers, no 787)
by Camila Casas (Bank of the Republic, Colombia)
Discussant: Javier Cravino (University of Michigan) (presentation)

Session II

Chair: Enrique Alberola (BIS)

  "Effects of a Mandatory Local Currency Pricing Law On the Exchange Rate Pass-Through" (presentation, later published as BIS Working Papers, No 785)
by Renzo Castellares and Hiroshi Toma (Central Reserve Bank of Peru)
Discussant: Andres Drenik (Columbia University) (presentation)
Keynote lecture  "What can online prices teach us about exchange rate pass-through?"
by Roberto Rigobón (Massachusetts Intitute of Technology) (presentation)

Friday 10 August 2018

Session III

 Chair: Fabrizio Zampolli (BIS)

  "Exchange rate pass-through and monetary policy: an empirical evaluation"
by Horacio Aguirre and Gustavo González Padilla (Central Bank of Argentina)
Discussant: Martín Tobal (Bank of Mexico) (presentation)
  "Exchange Rates and Prices: Evidence from the 2015 Swiss Franc Appreciation" (presentation)
by Raphael Auer (BIS), Ariel Burstein (UCLA) and Sarah M Lein (University of Basel)
Discussant: Andrei Levchenko (University of Michigan) (presentation)
  "Import prices and invoice currency: evidence from Chile" (presentation, later published as BIS Working Papers, No 784)
by Fernando Giuliano (World Bank) and Emiliano Luttini (Central Bank of Chile)
Discussant: Joaquim Blaum (Brown University) (presentation)