Fraudulent schemes

The name and marks of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) are increasingly being used in attempts to defraud the public, for example through bogus financial transactions, fake lotteries, fake social media ads and other scams. In some scams, the BIS is mentioned as the bank through which payments will be made or assets are guaranteed. Fraud may be perpetrated via letter or email, or via a website purporting to be that of the BIS. The Bank is also aware of fraudulent websites that are misusing its name and those of staff members.

The BIS would like to remind the public that it is an international organisation providing banking services exclusively to central banks and other official sector customers. The BIS does not accept deposits from, or offer financial services to, private individuals or corporate entities; this includes payment services such as cheque clearing. It also does not verify, certify, license or guarantee any financial products or financial offerings issued or proposed by third parties.

The BIS strongly cautions the public against sending money or disclosing bank or credit card details to any person who claims to represent the BIS or to have a relationship with the BIS.

The BIS is not connected in any way with such scams, and cannot be held responsible if its name, marks, logo or address are misused in schemes intended to defraud the public. If you consider that you have been the victim of fraud, we recommend that you report any complaint to your local law enforcement authority.

Recent scam warnings

  • Manna Projects Consultant Sdn Bhd (September 2020): the BIS has received reports of scams initiated by letters from an institution called "Manna Projects Consultant Sdn Bhd" in respect of a "Socio-Economic Development Initiative Programme (SEDI Program)". Please be aware that the BIS is not in any way associated with Manna Projects Consultant Sdn Bhd and the BIS is not familiar with, and has not approved or supported, the "SEDI Program" referred to in those letters.

  • Digibanc (September 2020): it has come to our attention that an institution called "DigiBanc" is misusing the BIS name and marks on social media and fraudulent websites. Please be aware that the BIS is not in any way associated with "DigiBanc".

  • Share Subscription and Sale Private Agreement (September 2020): the BIS has received reports of a scam involving a "Share Subscription and Sale Private Agreement". This is a forged document purporting to be a contract on the sale of shares, in which fraudsters misuse, among others, the name and logo of the BIS. Please be aware that the BIS is not in any way associated with such a "Share Subscription and Sale Private Agreement".

  • Manifesto (September 2020): a scam email was reportedly received by private individuals. The emails are being sent from "" with the subject heading "BIS (Bank for International Settlements)" including an attachment "Manifesto" or similar. Please be aware that these particular emails are not from the BIS.

If you are unsure, please contact the BIS's press office.