Agenda of the BIS/ECB Workshop on "Monetary Policy and Financial Stability" with papers and presentations

Thursday 10 September

13:30 Welcome: Jaime Caruana
13:45 Keynote speech "Price Stability and Financial Stability: Policy Trade-offs and Central Bank Responsibilities" by Lucas Papademos
  Session 1: DSGE with Banking
  Chair: Frank Smets
14:15  "Bank Capital Regulation, Lending Channel and Business Cycles" by Longmei Zhang (paper, presentation)
Discussant: David Vestin (presentation)
15:45 "Banks, Credit Market Frictions and Business Cycles" by Ali Dib (paper, presentation)
Discussant: Andrea Gerali (presentation)
16:45 Lecture "Credit Spreads and the Macroeconomy" by Simon Gilchrist (presentation)

Friday 11 September

  Chair: Claudio Borio
  8:45 Keynote speech "Integrating financial stability: new models for a new challenge" by Stephen Cecchetti (paper)
  Session 2: Credit cycles and asset price booms
  9:15 "An empirical assessment of the risk taking channel" by Yener Altunbas, Leonardo Gambacorta and David Marques-Ibanez (paper, presentation)
Discussant: Gabriel Jiménez (presentation)
10:45  "Speculative Growth, Overreaction, and the Welfare Cost of Technology-Driven Bubbles" by Kevin J Lansing (paper, presentation)
Discussant: Ester Faia (presentation)
  Session 3: New Transmission Mechanisms 
11:45 "Risk-Shifting, Fuzzy Capital Requirements and the Build up of Financial Fragility" by Simon Dubecq, Benoit Mojon and Xavier Ragot (paper)
Discussant: Christian Upper (presentation)
  Chair: Carsten Detken
14:15 Keynote speech "Using research in the crisis" by Randall Kroszner
  Session 3: New Transmission Mechanisms (contd)
14:45 "Monetary Policy, Housing Booms, and Financial (Im)Balances in the U.S." by Sandra Eickmeier and Boris Hofmann
Discussant: Mathias Drehmann
16:00 "Money Talks: Information and Monetary Policy" by Marie Hoerova, Cyril Monnet and Ted Temzelides (paper, presentation)
Discussant: Olivier Loisel (presentation)

List of participants