Eighth BIS Research Network meeting "Assessing the impact of the post-crisis financial regulatory reforms"

Friday 28 September 2018, Basel

The eighth BIS Research Network meeting took place on 28 September 2018, bringing together researchers from academia and central banks around the theme "Assessing the impact of the post-crisis financial regulatory reforms". The meeting reviewed the determinants of bank productivity and the impact of capital and liquidity regulations, with a focus on their unintended consequences and spillover effects onto financial markets.

Welcome remarks  
Agustín Carstens, Bank for International Settlements  
Session 1 - Determinants of banks' value creation
Chair: Hyun Song Shin, Bank for International Settlements  
Banking on deposits: maturity transformation without interest rate risk  (with I Drechsler and A Savov)
Presenter Philipp Schnabl, New York University Stern School of Business presentation
Discussant René Stulz, Ohio State University discussion paper
The cross section of bank value (with M Egan and S Lewellen)
Presenter Adi Sunderam, Harvard Business School presentation
Discussant Christa Bouwman, Mays Business School, Texas A&M University discussion paper
Session 2 - Evaluating the impact of post-crisis reforms
Chair: Stijn Claessens, Bank for International Settlements  
Banking regulation, market liquidity and the macroeconomy (with F Collard and U Lewrick)
Presenter Frédéric Boissay, Bank for International Settlements presentation
Discussant Tim Landvoigt, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania discussion paper
Repo market functioning: the role of capital regulation (with A Kotidis)
Presenter Neeltje van Horen, Bank of England presentation
Discussant Jack Bao, University of Delaware discussion paper
The rise of shadow banking: evidence from capital regulation (with R Irani, R Iyer and R Meizenzahl)
Presenter José-Luis Peydró, Universitat Pompeu Fabra presentation
Discussant Amit Seru, Stanford Graduate School of Business discussion paper
Keynote lecture : Equilibrium bitcoin pricing  
Bruno Biais, HEC Paris presentation
Closing remarks
Hyun Song Shin, Bank for International Settlements