Research and analysis using the BIS credit statistics

Publications featured on this page have been selected for their particular relevance to the BIS credit statistics. They include working papers and articles from BIS Quarterly Reviews.

Selected publications

Mar 2019 Emerging markets' reliance on foreign bank credit
Examines the reliance of emerging market borrowers on foreign bank credit and the concentration in credit from foreign creditor banking systems
Sep 2018 Why you should use the Hodrick-Prescott filter - at least to generate credit gaps
Examines whether the Hodrick-Prescott filter is appropriate for constructing credit-to-GDP gaps for an early warning indicator of crises
Sep 2015 A new database on general government debt
Outlines the characteristics of the new data set on credit to the government sector
Sep 2015 How much income is used for debt payments? A new database for debt service ratios
Explains key concepts of the BIS's new release of aggregate DSRs for the private non-financial sector 
May 2015  Leverage dynamics and the real burden of debt
Shows how the aggregate debt service burden has sizable negative effects on credit and expenditure growth
Mar 2014 The credit-to-GDP gap and countercyclical capital buffers: questions and answers
Details how the gap between the credit-to-GDP ratio and its long-term trend serves as a guide for setting countercyclical buffers
Mar 2013  How much does the private sector really borrow - a new database for total credit to the private non-financial sector
Explains new data collected to better capture total credit to the private non-financial sector, including a description of high-level statistical criteria
Sep 2012  Do debt service costs affect macroeconomic and financial stability?
Proposes the debt service ratio as a measure of the financial constraints imposed by private sector indebtedness, and investigates its association with recessions and financial crises
Nov 2011  Anchoring countercyclical capital buffers: the role of credit aggregates
Investigates the performance of different variables as anchors for setting the level of the countercyclical regulatory capital buffer requirements for banks
Dec 2010  Guidance for national authorities operating the countercyclical capital buffer
Provides guidance for national authorities, and helps banks understand and anticipate the buffer decisions in the jurisdictions to which they have credit exposures