Agenda of BIS Consultative Council for the Americas conference on "Systemic risk, bank behaviour and regulation over the business cycle"

27 February 2017


Thursday 18 March 2010

Opening remarks
Session I: Pro-cyclicality
Chair: Allan Crawford (Bank of Canada)
Paper 1 "A new look into credit procyclicality: international panel evidence" by Ricardo Bebczuk, Tamara Burdisso, Máxima Sangiácomo (Central Bank of Argentina) (paper, presentation)
Presenter: Jorge Carrera (Central Bank of Argentina)
Discussant: Kevin Cowan (Central Bank of Chile) (discussion)
Paper 2 "The role of bank of capital in the propagation of shocks" by Césaire Meh (Bank of Canada) and Kevin Moran (Université Laval) (paper, presentation)
Presenter: Césaire Meh
Discussant: Dimitrios Tsomocos (University Oxford) (discussion)
Paper 3 "Regulatory solutions for bank loans pro-cyclicality is the cure worse than the illness?" by Verónica Balzarotti, Alejandra Anastasi (Central Bank of Argentina) (presentation)  
Presenter: Verónica Balzarotti 
Discussant: Rodrigo Cifuentes (Central Bank of Chile) (discussion)
Paper 4 "Macroprudential regulation and systemic capital requirements" by Céline Gauthier, Alfred Lehar and Moez Souissi (Bank of Canada) (paper, presentation)
Presenter: Céline Gauthier
Discussant: Dairo Estrada (Bank of the Republic (Colombia)) (discussion)
Paper 5 "Macro stress testing of credit risk focused on the tails" by Ricardo Schechtman and Wagner Piazza Gaglianone (Central Bank of Brazil) (paper)
Presenter: Ricardo Schechtman
Discussant: Simone Manganelli (Eruopean Central Bank) (discussion)

Friday 19 March 2010

Session II: Systemic risk
Chair: Manuel Ramos-Francia (Bank of Mexico)
Paper 6 "Systemic risk, stress testing and financial contagion: their interaction and measurement" by Serafín Martínez-Jaramillo, Omar Pérez Pérez, Calixto López Castañón, Fabrizio López Gallo Dey and Fernando Avila Embriz (Bank of Mexido) (paperpresentation)
Presenter: Serafín Martínez-Jaramillo
Discussant: Andrew Patton  (Duke University) (discussion)
Session III: Markets and performance
Chair: Pablo Garcia (Central Bank of Chile)
Paper 7 "High and low frequency correlations in global equit markets" by Robert F. Engle (New York University) and Jose Gonzalo Rangel (Bank of Mexico) (paper, presentation)
Presenter: Jose Gonzalo Rangel
Discussant: Roberto Rigobon (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) (discussion)
Paper 8 "Emerging markets, decoupling, and financial performance during the crisis" by Mark Carey, Steve Kamin, Ugur Lel and Laurie Pounder (Federal Reserve) (paper, presentation)
Presenter: Laurie Pounder
Discussant: Benjamin Miranda Tabak (Central Bank of Brazil - Universidad Católica de Brasilia) (discussion)
Session IV: Concluding session
Overview and discussion
Moderator: Stephen G. Cecchetti (Bank for International Settlements) (Comments)