Ninth BIS CCA Research Conference "Microdata and Economic Research in Central Banks"

hosted by the Central Bank of Brazil in Rio de Janeiro, Monday 4 and Tuesday 5 June 2018.


Monday 4 June 

09:00 - 09:15 Registration
09:15 - 09:30 Opening remarks  by Carlos Viana de Carvalho (Central Bank of Brazil) and Enrique Alberola (BIS)
09:30 - 11:10 Session I - Finance (Part I)
Chair: André Minella (Central Bank of Brazil)
  "Stock market cross-section skewness and business cycle fluctuations

by Thiago R T Ferreira (Federal Reserve Board)
Discussant: Simon Gilchrist (New York University) - discussant presentation


"Loan loss provisions and the mortgage market: evidence from a quasi-natural experiment
by Mauricio Calani and Ricardo Flores (Central Bank of Chile) (later published as BIS Working Papers, no 780)
Discussant: Kenneth Kuttner (Williams College) - discussant presentation

11:30 - 13:10

Session II - Inflation (Part I)
Chair: Sérgio Lago Alves  (Central Bank of Brazil)


"New information and inflation expectations among firms
by Serafín Frache and Rodrigo Lluberas (Central Bank of Uruguay) (later published as BIS Working Papers, no 781)
Discussant: Samuel Schulhofer-Wohl (Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago) - Discussion paper


"MIDAS modelling for core inflation forecasting
by Luis Libonatti (Central Bank of Argentina)
Discussant: Jonathan Wright (Johns Hopkins University) - discussant presentation 

15:00 - 16:40 Session III - Finance (Part II)
Chair: Juan Contreras (BIS)

"Funding liquidity without banks: evidence from a shock to the cost of very short-term debt
by Felipe Restrepo, Lina Cardona-Sosa and Philip Strahan (Bank of the Republic, Colombia)
Discussant: Jacopo Ponticelli (Northwestern University) - discussant presentation 


"Through thick and thin: relationship lending, credit supply and loan performance during crises"
by Adrian de la Garza and Bruno López-Videla (Bank of Mexico)
Discussant: Darius Palia (Rutgers University) - discussant presentation

Tuesday 5 June 

09:30 - 10:40 Session IV - Labour markets
Chair: Fabrizio Zampolli (BIS)

"Social insurance and labour supply: unemployment insurance as a subsidy to risky firms"
by Bernardus Van Doornik, Armando Gomes, David Schoenherr and Janis Skrastins (Central Bank of Brazil)
Discussant: Jennifer Brown ( University of British Columbia / University of Utah) - discussant presentation


"Wage dynamics and returns to unobserved skill"
by Lance Lochner, Youngmin Park and Youngki Shin (Bank of Canada)
Discussant: Seth Sanders (Duke University) - discussant presentation

11:00 - 12:30

Policy panel: Microdata in policy
Chair: Enrique Alberola (BIS)

Carlos Viana de Carvalho (Central Bank of Brazil)
Kenneth Kuttner (Williams College)
Jonathan Wright (Johns Hopkins University)
Simon Gilchrist (New York University)
Seth Sanders (Duke University)

12:30 - 12:40 Conclusions and final remarks