BOK-BIS-IMF Conference on Macrofinancial Linkages: Implications for Monetary and Financial Stability Policies

10 April 2012


Tue 10 April Keynote  Speech: Choongsoo Kim (BOK Governor)
Session 1 Session Chair: Benjamin Cohen (BIS)
Financial Regulation in General Equilibrium
C. Goodhart, (LSE), A. Kashyap (U. Chicago), D. Tsomocos, (U. Oxford), A. Vardoulakis (BdF)
  Bank Risk during the Great Recession: Do Business Models Matter?
Y. Altunbas (Bangor U.), S. Manganelli (ECB), D. Marques-Ibanez (ECB)
Session 2 Session Chair: Dosoung Choi (BOK)
  A Quantitative Assessment of Shadow Banking Regulation
C. Meh (BOC), K. Moran (U. Laval)
  What Does a Financial Shock Do? First International Evidence
F. Fornari, L. Stracca (ECB)  
Session 3 Session Chair: Jan Brockmeijer (IMF)
Systemic Liquidity Requirements
T. Ahnert (LSE), B. Nelson (BOE)
  Bank Liquidity, the Maturity Ladder, and Regulation
L. de Haan, J. van den End (DNB) 
Session 4 Session Chair: Scott Roger (IMF) 
Assessing the Cost of Financial Regulation

D. Elliott (Brookings Institution), A. Santos (IMF)
  Measuring the Impact of Prudential Policy on the Macroeconomy
S. de Ramon, Z. Iscenko, M. Osborne, M. Straughan, P. Andrews (UKFSA)
Session 5 Session Chair: Tae Soo Kang (BOK) 
  Macroprudential Policy: What Instruments and How to Use Them? Lessons from Country Experiences
F. Columba, A. Costa, P. Kongsamut, C. Lim,  A. Otani, M. Saiyid, T. Wezel, X. Wu (IMF)
Wed 11 April     
Session 6  Session Chair: Ehung Gi Baek (Sangmyung University) 
The Impact of Strengthened Basel III Banking Regulation on Lending Spreads: comparisons across Countries and Business Models
S. Chun (Chung-Ang U.), H. Kim (BOK), W. Ko (BOK)
Discussion: I. Shim (BIS)
  Intermediary Leverage, Macroeconomic Dynamics, and Macroprudential Policy
M. Kiley, J. Sim (FRB)
Session 7 Session Chair: Césaire Meh (Bank of Canada)  
  Should Monetary Policy Lean against the Wind? An Analysis based on a DSGE Model with Banking
L. Gambacorta (BIS), F. Signoretti (BdI)
  Heterogeneity and Cross-country Spillovers in Macroeconomic-financial Linkages
M. Ciccarelli (ECB), E. Ortega (BdE), M. Valderrama (OeNB)
Panel Discussion  
  Chair: Stephen Cecchetti (BIS)
Panelists : Jan Brockmeijer (IMF), David Fernandez (J.P. Morgan), Jun Il Kim (BOK), Hiroshi Nakaso (BOJ)