Information for research economists applying to the BIS

Research at the BIS

The BIS's research profile has been consistently on the rise over the past few years. BIS economists publish in a variety of highly-regarded journals and are active in the academic debate: Selected BIS contributions to journals 2014-2018

See some facts on BIS research, which provides you with more detailed information on BIS positioning with respect to a select number of central banks and international institutions. A total of 24 BIS economists are ranked in the top 5% in RePEc.

Publications and conferences

The main channel for publishing research is the BIS working paper series.

Some BIS working papers feed into policy work as they are used to prepare meetings of senior central bankers. Others appear in our flagship publications:

The BIS organises in-house conferences and its economists also regularly present their work at external conferences organised by academic bodies (eg ASSA, WFA, EFA, EEA), central banks and other international organisations (eg the IMF, the World Bank).

BIS Research Network

To provide a broader forum for interaction between academia and central banks, in 2014 the BIS launched the BIS Research Network (BISRN). The BISRN is an informal network of active researchers, drawn from both academia and central banks, who meet regularly to share research findings on monetary and financial stability (see BIS Research Network conferences).

BIS Research fellowship programmes

Interaction between academia and central banks also takes place through research fellowship programmes where academics visit the BIS for longer periods.

  • The Alexandre Lamfalussy Senior Research Fellowship offers positions (for up to 11 months) for internationally renowned experts in the fields of banking, monetary policy and financial stability to:

    • conduct economic research on issues of relevance to the BIS; and
    • advise and collaborate with BIS economists in executing and disseminating research.
  • The BIS Research Fellowship Programme (BISRF) promotes visits to the BIS of academics who are working on joint projects with BIS economists (typically for 2-3 weeks).

  • The Central Bank Research Fellowship programme (CBRF) provides up to 3 months visits of central bank research economists.

The BIS has a constant flow of visiting research fellows from the most renowned institutions around the world.

Working at the BIS

Our recruitment website provides information on the BIS and on the type of work we do. BIS economists carry out academic-type research and policy work, with some blurring of the lines between the two. In the first years of a BIS career, economists spend a large percentage of their time on research. In the middle stage, the percentage of time dedicated to research and policy work is approximately 50-50.

Although we mainly recruit for the Monetary and Economic Department in Basel, positions are also available at our Representative Offices in Hong Kong and Mexico City.