Publications in peer-reviewed journals

Selected journal publications by BIS economists, 2014-2020


  • "Which credit gap is better at predicting financial crises? A comparison of univariate filters" (M Drehmann and J Yetman), International Journal of Central Banking, forthcoming.
  • "Exchange rates and prices: evidence from the 2015 Swiss franc appreciation" (R Auer, A Burstein, S Lein), American Economic Review.
  • "CoCo issuance and bank fragility" (S Avdjiev, B Bogdanova, P Bolton, W Jiang, A Kartasheva), Journal of Financial Economics.
  • "International trade finance and the cost channel of monetary policy in open economies" (N Patel), International Journal of Central Banking.
  • "Residential investment and economic activity: evidence from the past five decades" (A Mehrotra, D Mihaljek and E Kohlscheen), International Journal of Central Banking.
  • "Non-monetary news in central bank communication" (A Cieslak and A Schrimpf), Journal of International Economics.
  • "The microstructure of central bank bond purchases" (K Schlepper, H Hofer, R Riordan and A Schrimpf), Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis.
  • "The costs of macroprudential policy" (B Richter, M Schularick and I Shim), Journal of International Economics

  • "Exchange rate pass-through: what has changed since the crisis?" (R Moessner and E Takáts), International Journal of Central Banking

  • "Computing long-term market inflation expectations for countries without inflation expectations markets" (P Gerlach-Kristen, R Moessner and R Rosenblatt-Wisch), International Journal of Central Banking.
  • "Effects of monetary and macroprudential policies - evidence from four inflation targeting economies"  (S Kim and A Mehrotra), Journal of Money, Credit and Banking.
  • "Macroprudential policy and bank risk" (L Gambacorta, Y Altunbas and M Binici), Journal of International Money and Finance
  • "Leverage and risk weighted capital requirements" (L Gambacorta and S Karmakar), International Journal of Central Banking.
  • "Financial crisis, US unconventional monetary policy and international spillovers" (F Zhu, A Filardo, Q Chen and D He), Journal of International Money and Finance