Alexandre Lamfalussy Senior Research Fellowship

The Alexandre Lamfalussy Senior Research Fellowship

Catherine Schenk, Professor of Economic and Social History at the University of Oxford, discusses her experience as the 2018-19 Alexandre Lamfalussy Senior Research Fellow.

Each year the Bank for International Settlements invites applications from leading senior professionals in academia and research institutions for the Alexandre Lamfalussy Senior Research Fellowship. This fellowship aims to:

  • promote policy-relevant research that meets the highest academic standards

  • allow prominent scholars to participate in the policy-oriented research activities at the BIS

  • foster joint research between the fellows and BIS economists

Selected fellows are offered an assignment in the Monetary and Economic Department (MED) for up to three months to:

  • conduct economic research on issues of relevance to the BIS

  • advise and collaborate with BIS economists in executing and disseminating research

About research at the BIS

The BIS carries out research to shed light on issues of core interest to the central bank community, to support meetings of Governors and other central bank officials, and to provide analytical backing for the activities of the various Basel-based committees. MED contributes to these tasks by conducting research on monetary and financial stability, monetary economics, macroeconomics and finance, financial markets, central bank governance and other institutional issues.

Qualifications and experience

Fellows are selected through a competitive applications process.

While at the BIS, research fellows complete a research project published in the BIS publication series and in a leading journal.

Candidates are expected to be internationally recognised experts in the fields of banking, monetary policy and financial stability with an outstanding publication record and a strong interest in policy-oriented research. While at the BIS, they will have access to the extensive resources and networks conducting their research and in disseminating its findings.

Terms and conditions

Successful candidates are offered a competitive monthly honorarium in keeping with the seniority of the described profile, as well as accommodation, travel costs, health insurance and, where appropriate, conference travel.

Application procedure and deadline

Applications along with a detailed research proposal and the applicant's CV, should be sent by e-mail to


Harold James

Appointment 2024

Frank Smets

Appointment 2023

Enrique Mendoza

Appointment 2021

Ricardo Reis

Appointment 2020

Fernando E Alvarez

Appointment 2020

Robert M Townsend

Appointment 2020

Catherine R Schenk

Appointment 2018-19

Amit Seru

Appointment 2018

Bengt Holmström

Appointment 2017

Viral V Acharya

Appointment 2017

Markus K Brunnermeier

Appointment 2016

Baron Alexandre Lamfalussy, 1929-2015

Alexandre Lamfalussy

Born in Hungary, and of Belgian citizenship, Alexandre Lamfalussy was General Manager of the BIS between May 1985 and December 1993. He joined the Bank in 1976 as Economic Adviser and Head of the Monetary and Economic Department and became Deputy General Manager in 1981.

Many significant events in the Bank's history occurred under Mr Lamfalussy's leadership, reflecting his desire for the BIS to make a tangible contribution to international monetary and financial stability. These included the signing of the Basel Capital Accord, the establishment of the Group of Payment System Experts (now the Committee on Payments and Market Infrastructures) and the expansion of the BIS international banking statistics, now a major reference source for economists and other researchers.

Learn more about Alexandre Lamfalussy's life and achievements by watching a video made by Magyar Nemzeti Bank, Hungary's central bank

Further information about this fellowship programme can be obtained by writing to