Former and current members of BIS Management

General Manager

P Quesnay April 1930-September 1937
R Auboin January 1938-September 1958
G Guindey October 1958-March 1963
G Ferras April 1963-December 1970
R Larre May 1971-February 1981
G Schleiminger March 1981-April 1985
A Lamfalussy May 1985-December 1993
A D Crockett January 1994-March 2003
M D Knight April 2003-September 2008
J Caruana April 2009-


Assistant General Manager / Deputy General Manager (since 2000)

E Hülse April 1930-May 1935
P Hechler May 1935-December 1945
A d'Aroma January 1975-December 1977
G Schleiminger January 1978-March 1981
A Lamfalussy March 1981-April 1985
R T P Hall May 1985-January 1992
R Gros February 1992-December 1995
A Icard January 1996-December 2005
H Hannoun January 2006-September 2015
L Pereira da Silva September 2015-

Secretary General

R Pilotti April 1930-December 1951
A Ferrari October 1951-January 1962
A d'Aroma January 1962-December 1974
G Schleiminger January 1975-May 1978
G Morelli June 1978-August 1994
G D Baer September 1994-December 2004
G P Dittus January 2005-31 December 2016
M Ellis 1 January 2017-

Head of Banking Department

E Hülse April 1930-May 1935
P Hechler May 1935-December 1945
M van Zeeland June 1948-March 1962
H H Mandel April 1962-September 1972
D H Macdonald October 1972-December 1973
R T P Hall January 1974-April 1985
R Gros May 1985-March 1995
G M Gill April 1995-January 1999
R D Sleeper February 1999-March 2005
G Pleines April 2005-April 2013
P Zöllner May 2013-

Economic Adviser / Economic Adviser, Head of Monetary and Economic Department (since 1946)

P Jacobsson September 1931-October 1956
M Gilbert November 1960-December 1975
A Lamfalussy January 1976-April 1985
H Bockelmann May 1985-April 1995
W R White May 1995-June 2008
S Cecchetti July 2008-November 2013
C Borio November 2013-
H S Shin May 2014-

Legal Adviser / General Counsel (since 1997)

F Weiser April 1930-March 1944
H Guisan April 1955-September 1974
F E Klein October 1974-December 1986
M Giovanoli March 1989-December 2005
D Lefort January 2006-September 2009
D Devos October 2009-