Management of the BIS

The General Manager is Jaime Caruana. The Deputy General Manager is Hervé Hannoun.

The General Manager - the Bank's chief executive officer - carries out the policy determined by the Board of Directors and is responsible to the Board for the management of the Bank.

The heads of the three main departments are Peter Dittus (General Secretariat), Claudio Borio (Monetary and Economic Department) and Peter Zöllner (Banking Department). The General Counsel is Diego Devos.

Other senior officials are the Deputy Secretary General (Monica Ellis), the Deputy Head of Banking (Jean-François Rigaudy), Josef Tošovský (Chairman, Financial Stability Institute) and Philip Turner (Deputy Head, Monetary and Economic Department).

Eli Remolona is Chief Representative, Representative Office for Asia and the Pacific, and Ramon Moreno is Acting Chief Representative, Representative Office for the Americas.