BIS advises caution against fraudulent schemes

The Bank for International Settlements' (BIS) name, logo and address are increasingly being used in attempts to defraud the public, for example through bogus financial transactions, fake lotteries and other scams. In some scams, the BIS is mentioned as the bank through which payments will be made. Fraud may be perpetrated via letter or e-mail, or by using a website purporting to be that of the BIS.

The BIS has been made aware of a number of fake BIS cheques being sent to members of the public in the United States from "Capital Liberty Service Inc" in connection with a lottery scam. (See also the general warning on international lottery scams from the US Federal Trade Commission). The Bank is also aware of fraudulent websites which are misusing its name and the names of members of staff.

In this connection, the BIS would like to remind the public that it neither accepts deposits from, nor provides financial services to, private individuals or corporate entities. This includes payment services such as cheque clearing. The BIS is an international organisation whose banking services are provided exclusively to central banks and other international organisations.

The BIS strongly cautions the public against sending money or disclosing bank or credit card details to any person who claims to represent the BIS or to have a banking relationship with the BIS.

The BIS is not connected in any way with such scams (*), and cannot be held responsible if its name, logo and address are misused in schemes intended to defraud the public. If you consider that you have been the victim of fraud, we recommend that you report any complaint to your local law enforcement authority.

(*) Examples of fraudulent scams/websites of which the BIS has become aware in the recent past include: