29 June 2014

Time to step out of the shadow of the crisis, says BIS in 84th Annual Report

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04 Jun

Credit growth, monetary policy, and economic activity in a three-regime TVAR model  (Working Paper)

We employ a threshold vector autoregression (TVAR) methodology in order to examine the nonlinear nature of the interactions among credit market conditions, ...

04 Jun

Globalisation, pass-through and the optimal policy response to exchange rates  (Working Paper)

In this paper we examine how monetary policy should respond to nominal exchange rates in a New Keynesian open economy model that allows for a non-trivial ...

04 Jun

Measuring economic slack: A forecast-based approach with applications to economies in Asia and the Pacific  (Working Paper)

The presence of "economic slack" directly implies that an economy can grow quickly without any necessary offsetting slow growth or retrenchment in the ...

04 Jun

A shadow policy rate to calibrate US monetary policy at the zero lower bound   (Working Paper)

The recent global financial crisis, the Great Recession and the subsequent implementation of a variety of unconventional policy measures have raised the ...

02 Jun

Quarterly Review June 2014

Highlights of the BIS international statistics

30 May

International Journal of Central Banking , June 2014

Special issue: Inflation targeting and its discontents

13 May

The exit from non-conventional monetary policy: what challenges? (Working Paper)

Monetary policies pursued in response to the financial crisis have shown that changes in central bank balance sheets have major macroeconomic consequences ...

Central bankers' speeches
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BIS Management speeches
29 Jun

by Jaime Caruana: General Manager's speech: Stepping out of the shadow of the crisis: three transitions for the world economy

This year's Annual Report offers our views on current challenges and aims to examine policies that might help us step out of the long shadow of the crisis. Our approach...

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06 Jun

by Jaime Caruana: Redesigning the central bank for financial stability responsibilities

Central banks are being redesigned to better deal with their financial stability responsibilities - in just five years, over 60 central banks' laws have been changed...

04 Jun

by Jaime Caruana: Financial regulation, complexity and innovation

A lot has been achieved since the financial crisis in the area of banking regulation and supervision. Further important initiatives are under way, and the focus has rightly shifted to implementation...

09 Apr

by Jaime Caruana: Global economic and financial challenges: a tale of two views

This speech contrasts two explanatory views of the sluggish and uneven recovery from the global financial crisis of 2008-09. One view points to a persistent shortfall...