6-7 May 2024 IFC Workshop on "Addressing climate change data needs: the global debate and central banks' contribution", Izmir, organised by the Central Bank of the Republic of Türkiye with the support of the Bank of France and the Deutsche Bundesbank (call for papersworkshop programme).
21-23 Feb 2024

"Carbon content measurement for products, organizations and aggregates: creating a sound basis for decision making" – an international workshop, Hamburg, Deutsche Bundesbank Regional Office, co-organised by the IMF, the IFC, Eurostat, the Deutsche Bundesbank, the Central Bank of Chile and the University of Oxford (agenda)

31 May - 1 Jun 2023

Green Swan 2023 virtual conference: "Climate transition in the real economy: what should central banks know about it?"

31 May - 1 Jun 2022

Green Swan 2022 virtual conference: "Finance for the transition, a transition for finance"

14-15 Sep 2021

International Conference on Statistics for Sustainable Finance

25-28 Aug 2021

BIS sponsors a special session on green finance at the European Finance Association's 48th Annual Meeting

02-04 Jun 2021

Green Swan 2021 virtual conference: "Coordinating finance on climate"

20-21 Feb 2020

FSI meeting on "Turning up the heat: banking and insurance authorities focus on climate risk assessment in the financial sector"

12 Mar 2019

Climate change and the financial system
Video of panel discussion at the Financial Stability Institute 20th anniversary conference