Preliminary international banking statistics at end-June 2012

22 October 2012
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Statistics at end-June 2012 are preliminary and subject to change. Large movements in the latest data are highlighted in the Statistical release. Data are available via the BIS WebStats interactive query tool, in PDF format and CSV files on the BIS website (locational and consolidated banking statistics), and as a single PDF file in detailed annex tables. Final statistics, with an analysis of recent trends, will be released in conjunction with the forthcoming BIS Quarterly Review, to be published on 10 December 2012. Data at end-September 2012 will be released no later than 22 January 2013.

The locational banking statistics show that cross-border claims of BIS reporting banks contracted sharply between end-March and end-June 2012, falling by $596 billion (1.9%) after adjusting for breaks in series and exchange rate movements, to $29.4 trillion. While cross-border claims on non-bank borrowers were relatively stable, interbank claims declined by $609 billion (3%), much of which was the result of reduced inter-office positions. The consolidated banking statistics, which exclude inter-office positions and thus provide a better measure of exposures to unaffiliated banks, confirm a fall in interbank positions, particularly amongst euro area banks. These statistics also indicate that euro area banks' exposures to Greek, Irish, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish public sector borrowers continued to decline between end-March and end-June 2012.

Queries regarding the international banking statistics may be directed to statistics$ (where "$" denotes "@").