Research and analysis using the BIS property price statistics

Publications featured on this page have been selected for their particular relevance to the BIS property price statistics. They include working papers, articles from BIS Quarterly Reviews and the latest statistical commentary.

IFC Report on Mind the data gap: commercial property prices for policy 
March 2019 / IFC publication  

Global real housing prices 
June 2018 / Statistical commentary

Residential property price statistics across the globe

Sep 2014 / BIS Quarterly Review

Describes the characteristics of BIS data on residential property prices and its usefulness as an indicator of financial stability risks

Selected publications

Jul 2023 BIS role in the global dissemination of Commercial Property Prices (Ottawa 2023 World Statistics Congress presentation)
Summarises the benefits and challenges of collecting and disseminating commercial property price indicators.
Sep 2016 Recent enhancements to the BIS statistics
Presents the main characteristics of the commercial property price series published by the BIS
Nov 2014 Monitoring house prices from a financial stability perspective - the BIS experience
Outlines the different ways the house prices are used in the analysis of financial stability risks
Sep 2014  Residential property prices across the globe
Covers diversity in the characteristics of house price statistics, the BIS property price statistics and house prices as an input to economic analysis
Sep 2014 BIS collection and publication of residential property prices
Outlines the general characteristics of the data published on the BIS website
Feb 2014 Experimental indicators of Commercial Property Prices, European Central Bank Monthly Bulletin
Explains the newly developed indicators and methodological issues
Nov 2009 Residential property price indices, Eurostat-IFC-OAOS conference, Basel, Switzerland
Discusses statistical and measurement issues of residential property prices
Apr 2005 Real estate indicators and financial stability, BIS-IMF conference
Discusses and explores the theoretical as well as the practical issues underlying the development and use of real estate indicators in assessing financial stability

More information

In disseminating the commercial and residential property price statistics, the BIS and its member central banks are following up on the recommendations in The financial crisis and information gaps - a joint IMF/FSB report prepared for G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors. Recommendation 19 of the initial report advised the BIS and its member central banks to investigate how publicly available real estate price data are disseminated on its website. The initial joint report was published in October 2009 while the recommendations for the second phase were presented in September 2015. Further progress reports have subsequently been published in May 2010, June 2011, September 2012, September 2013, September 2014, September 2016,  September 2017September 2018FSB and IMF publish 2019 Progress Report on G20 Data Gaps Initiative , FSB and IMF Publish 2020 Progress Report on G20 Data Gaps Initiative and FSB and IMF Publish 2021 Progress Report on the G20 Data Gaps Initiative.