Payment, clearing and settlement statistics

The BIS publishes Red Book statistics on payment, clearing and settlement systems in member jurisdictions of the Committee on Payments and Market Infrastructures (CPMI). Red Book statistics complement the descriptions of payment, clearing and settlement systems in CPMI jurisdictions (the so-called descriptive Red Books).

In August 2017, the CPMI published a revised methodology of the Red Book statistics. The 2018 Red Book statistics (based on figures through end-2017) were the first to use the new methodology. Furthermore, from 2018 on, geographical coverage was expanded to include three new CPMI member jurisdictions (Argentina, Indonesia and Spain). The statistics are now presented in the BIS Statistics Explorer.

The Red Book statistics are updated yearly. They include:

  • indicators of retail payment instruments and payment systems 
  • data on central counterparties and securities settlement systems 

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