Revisions to the Red Book statistics

This page outlines the revisions made to the Red Book statistics since the last publication.

March 2020

  • Revised structure of the central counterparties and clearing houses and of the central securities depositories, a new trade repository: In Brazil On 28 August 2017 On 28 August 2017, BmfBovespa-Derivatives incorporated the products settled by BmfBovespa-Equities and are now called BM&Fbovespa Clearinghouse; On 28 August 2017 BmfBovespa-Equities changed its name to BmfBovespa Central Securities Depository and its nature and is now acting only as a CSD; On 3 September 2018 the trade repository CERC started to operate.
  • Revised data: for 2018 the number of participants in BOK-Wire (Table 7) has been revised for Korea.
  • Revised data: for 2018 the number of terminals (Table 4) has been revised for Singapore.
  • Revised data: for the period 2013-2018 in Tables 4-6, 8-9 and 10 for the United States.

Table 1 and 2 may also show revised macroeconomic data. The most recent macroeconomic data are used for the comparative tables.