Triennial OTC derivatives statistics

Updated 17 September 2017

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Global tables    
D11 Foreign exchange turnover    
  D11.1 Foreign exchange turnover, April 2016 PDF
  D11.2 Foreign exchange turnover, by country, 1995-2016 PDF
  D11.3 Foreign exchange turnover, by currency, 1995-2016 PDF
D12 OTC interest rate derivatives turnover    
  D12.1 OTC interest rate derivatives turnover, April 2016  PDF
  D12.2 OTC interest rate derivatives turnover, by country, 1995-2016 PDF
  D12.3 OTC interest rate derivatives turnover, by currency, 1995-2016 PDF

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The results of the Triennial Survey are available in the BIS Statistics Explorer and BIS Statistics Warehouse. The full data set can be downloaded in a single CSV file

National survey results are also available on the websites of the central banks and other authorities that participated in the survey. 

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