High Level Reserve Management Conference hosted by the Banco de Mexico and the BIS, 30-31 March 2017

Thursday 30 March 2017
Evolution of monetary policy and financial markets since the last High Level Meeting in the new SDR basek currencies and the implication on reserve management
Federal Reserve Bank of New York: Simon Potter  
European Central Bank: Torsti Silvonen  
Bank of Japan: Shigeto Nagai  
People's Bank of China: Chengjun Zhou  
Bank of England: Rebecca Jackson  
Panel 1: Discussion on the Impact of the current interest rate environment and increased uncertainty on the management of foreign exchange reserves  
Banco de Mexico: Gerardo Garcia  
Bank of Israel: Andrew Abir  
Hong Kong Monetary Authority: Francis Chu  
Danmarks Nationalbank: Frank Nielsen  
Monetary Authority of Singapore: Benny Chey  
Panel 2: Changes to the investment approach/process over the past couple of years and going forward  
Banco Central de Argentina: Mario Torriani  
Banco Central de Chile: Ricardo Consiglio  
Central Bank of Peru: Sandra Mansilla  
European Stability Mechanism: Sebastien Levy  
Swiss National Bank: Jonas Stulz  
Friday 31 March 2017  
Understanding the cross-currency basis: Vladyslav Sushko  
Panel 3: Financial Market Liquidity  
SAFE: Vicky Li  
Ministry of Finance, Japan: Akihiko Yokoyama  
Banque de France: Alexandre Gautier  
Bank of England: Rebecca Jackson  
Norges Bank: Arnes Osnes  
The Global Outlook, the Fed and US Fiscal Policy: Dr Richard Clarida  
Panel 4: Emerging Markets' perspective on the future of Reserve Management - Speech by Joachim Coche  
Banco de la Republica: Marco Ruiz  
South African Reserve Bank: Zafar Parker  
Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas: Ma Ramona GDT Santiago  
GIC Private Limited: Daniel Lim  
Bank of Korea: Changho Yoo