BIS Quarterly Review, June 2009

BIS Quarterly Review  | 
08 June 2009

The BIS Quarterly Review for June 2009 is divided into two parts. The first presents an overview of recent developments in financial markets, before turning in more detail to highlights from the latest BIS data on international banking and financial activity. The second part presents two special feature articles, one on government debt management at low interest rates, and the other on the financial impact of the global crisis on Latin America and policy responses.

Note from the Editorial Committee

The Editorial Committee is introducing a modified format for the Statistical Annex in the print version of the BIS Quarterly Review. Over time this Annex, which presents data largely collected by central banks under the aegis of the Committee on the Global Financial System (CGFS), had grown to more than 100 pages of tables, representing about half the size of each issue of the Quarterly.

Beginning with this issue, we are ceasing publication of the detailed tables in the Statistical Annex of the print version. Instead, we are providing a set of concise tables summarising the most recent data at a fairly aggregate level along with graphs displaying their evolution over the past four years. The web version of the Quarterly will also continue to feature the full set of detailed tables and access to the underlying data. 

Statistical tables: