2017 ISI Regional Statistics Conference, Bali, Indonesia: Overview of IFC organised meetings

Invited Paper Sessions (IPS)

IPS 06: "Financial Inclusion"

Chair: Hock Chai Toh, Central Bank of Malaysia


  • Bruno Tissot and Blaise Gadanecz, BIS: "Measures of financial inclusion - a central bank perspective" (paper) (presentation)
  • Beatrice Timmermann and Philipp Gmehling, Deutsche Bundesbank: "Financial inclusion and the G20 agenda" (paper) (presentation)
  • Zarina Abd Rahman, Central Bank of Malaysia: "Measuring Financial Inclusion in Malaysia - Unlocking shared benefits for all through inclusive finance" (paper) (presentation)
  • João Cadete de Matos and Luís D'Aguiar, Bank of Portugal: "Assessing financial inclusion in Portugal from the central bank's perspective" (paper) (presentation)
  • Gastão de Sousa, Central Bank of East Timor: "Encouraging financial inclusion in a new nation - The experience of the Central Bank of Timor-Leste" (paper) (presentation)

IPS 09: "Sectoral Financial Accounts for Monetary Policy Making"

Chair: Gülbin Şahinbeyoğlu, Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey


  • Christine Annuss, Deutsche Bundesbank: "German households' portfolio decisions and balance sheet dynamics from a monetary policy perspective" (paper) (presentation)
  • Naoto Osawa, Sayako Konno and Ai Teramoto, Bank of Japan: "Revisions of Estimation Methods for Cash Holdings by Households and Corporations in Japan's Flow of Funds Accounts" (paper) (presentation)
  • João Cadete de Matos and Lígia Maria Nunes, Bank of Portugal: "Upgrading Financial Accounts with Central Balance Sheet Data - What's in it for central banks' policy?" (paper) (presentation)
  • Joel Mokoena and Barend de Beer, South African Reserve Bank: "Development of the South African institutional sector accounts" (paper) (presentation)

IPS 13: "Payment System Data and leading indicators"

Chair: João Cadete de Matos, Bank of Portugal


  • Christian Dembiermont, BIS: "Recent developments in payment systems" (paper) (presentation)
  • Luís Teles Dias and André Cardoso Dias, Bank of Portugal: "Money talks - Nowcasting real economic activity with payment systems data" (paper) (presentation)
  • Rodrigo Oliveira-Soares and Hanna Häkkinen, European Central Bank: "New statistics for monitoring the integration of payment services in Europe" (paper) (presentation)
  • Farida Peranginangin Bank Indonesia: "Payment System Statistics to Support Policy Formulation in Indonesia" (paper) (presentation)

IPS 23: "Enhancement in Monetary and Financial Statistics in the post Great Financial Crisis"

Chair: Aurel Schubert, European Central Bank


  • Bruno Tissot, BIS: "Enhancing global financial statistics after the crisis: the BIS response" (paper) (presentation)
  • Sebastian Grünberg, Deutsche Bundesbank: "AnaCredit - Overview and implementation from an NCB's point of view" (paper) (presentation)
  • Jean-Marc Israël and Rodrigo Oliveira-Soares, European Central Bank: "Using the zoom lens in banking statistics" (paper) (presentation)
  • Luís Teles Dias and António Jorge Silva, Bank of Portugal: "Upgrading monetary and financial statistics in the wake of the financial crisis - There's life beyond aggregate data" (paper) (presentation)

Other contributions of BIS members at the ISI RSC 2017 Plenary Session:

  • Eli Remolona, BIS: "The new cross-border finance in Asia" (presentation)