Research at the BIS

Research at the BIS supports central banks in their pursuit of monetary and financial stability. Our research places emphasis on the links between the real economy and the financial system, on global rather than country-specific aspects and on longer-term drivers of activity. Research findings are made available via BIS publications and publications in peer-reviewed journals.

Research networks and conferences

BIS researchers collaborate extensively with researchers in academia, central banks and other policy institutions. The BIS operates a range of visiting programmes for researchers, including the Lamfalussy Senior Research Fellowship for long-term visits by resident scholars, the BIS Research Fellowships for short-term collaborative visits by academics and the Central Bank Research Fellowship programme for visits by researchers from member central banks

In addition, we organise conferences to galvanise research in emerging areas of policy interest. The BIS also serves as the hub for the BIS Research Network, which brings together researchers at central banks and in academia for regular meetings on monetary and financial stability issues. The BIS Advisory Panel of distinguished academics advises the BIS on emerging research areas that merit closer attention from central banks and provides perspective on key current policy questions.

BIS authors

Our authors publish economic analysis and research on monetary and financial stability issues in both BIS publications and top external peer-reviewed journals.

An independent review of BIS research was conducted in 2016 by an expert panel. Details of the survey of the users of BIS research and updates of the rankings mentioned in the independent review are available.

Latest research and publications

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