Committees and hosted associations

Where perspectives meet

The Basel-based committees and associations support central banks, and other authorities in charge of financial stability, by providing analysis and policy recommendations, and helping to develop regulatory standards.

Communication and collaboration among these groups are enhanced by the fact that they are housed under one roof at the BIS.

These bodies include:

The committee secretariats prepare the meetings, draw up background papers and reports, organise the collection of international data and publish the work of the groups they serve. Members of committee secretariats work on current policy issues as part of a cooperative process, which requires a combination of technical expertise and strong communication and process management skills. Open positions for policy experts at some of these Basel-based groups are typically filled via a nomination process from the committees or associations themselves.

The BIS's Financial Stability Institute (FSI) promotes the supervisory standards and practices devised by the Basel-based committees and associations. The FSI assists financial sector supervisors in strengthening their financial systems by organising conferences and other events for supervisors, and by producing publications and online seminars.

Life at the BIS

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