QIS 2: Summary of results

In April 2001, the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision initiated a Quantitative Impact Study (QIS2) involving a range of banks across the G10 and beyond. The objective of the study was to gather the data necessary to allow the Committee to gauge the impact of the proposals for capital requirements set out in the January 2001 second consultative paper (CP2). The results of the QIS 2 exercise on the effect of the proposed credit risk charges are set out in QIS 2 Summary (PDF, 51 pages, 52 kb).

After careful analysis and consideration of the QIS 2 data and the important feedback that was received through the consultative process, the Basel Committee has responded by reviewing the proposed New Basel Capital Accord and is considering several modifications. These modifications are intended to help the Committee to achieve its stated objectives to

  • (1) maintain equivalence on average between current required capital and the revised standardised approach and
  • (2) provide modest incentives regarding the aggregate level of required capital under the Foundation IRB approach.

The modifications under review are discussed further in Potential Modifications (PDF, 6 pages, 31 kb).