QIS 3: Third Quantitative Impact Study

Questionnaire and instructions

The material distributed for QIS 3 consisted of three parts. There was a questionnaire in the form of an electronic workbook. There also was a set of corresponding instructions that specified how to complete the questionnaire in order to ensure that banks do so in a consistent manner. Additionally, the Basel Committee released the QIS 3 technical guidance that set out the proposed minimum capital requirements at that time in detail. It comprised all aspects of the pillar one proposals.

In conjunction with the main QIS 3 package, banks had to review the Areas of National Discretion Checklist (PDF, 12 pages, 55 kb) that contains a list of items where national discretion is permissible. National supervisors provided participants of the QIS 3 exercise with a completed checklist setting out their decisions (for QIS 3 purposes). This checklist provided guidance on which options banks should use when completing the QIS 3 questionnaire. The entire version of the QIS 3 package was also available from national supervisors.

In addition to the comprehensive QIS 3 package described above, there was a streamlined version of the QIS 3 package that was provided to banks only completing the standardised approach for credit risk and the basic indicator or standardised approach (i.e. not the advanced measurement approach) for operational risk. In addition, this streamlined package did not include worksheets, instructions or technical guidance relating to securitisation. However, any banks with material involvement in securitisation were required to use the comprehensive package. Banks had to contact their national supervisor to obtain the streamlined version of the QIS 3 package.


The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision released the results of the QIS 3 on 5 May 2003. More than 350 banks in 43 countries participated in the exercise. Following up on public interest in the QIS 3 results, the Basel Committee published a further supplementary document on 27 May 2003 which provides more detail on some areas of the results.

Comments on QIS3 Technical Guidance and Second Working Paper on Securitisation

(March 2003)

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