Promoting global monetary and financial stability

Chapter 2 from BIS Annual Report 2019/20

On both the analytical and business fronts, the BIS embraces continuous innovation. Through research and analysis, exploration of financial technology, capacity-building and knowledge-sharing, it supports cooperation and provides an independent voice to sound policymaking to help central banks face emerging challenges.

Economic research, analysis and statistics

Research at the BIS supports central banks in their pursuit of monetary and financial stability. The BIS draws on its unique position at the intersection of research and policy. Research and analysis are the basis for the background notes that the BIS produces for regular meetings of senior central bank officials and for its support for the Basel-based groups. BIS research responds to pressing short-term issues while proactively exploring themes that are of more strategic and lasting importance.

BIS Innovation Hub

As part of the Innovation BIS 2025 strategy, the BIS Innovation Hub is has been established to foster international collaboration on innovative financial technology within the central banking community. It does so by identifying critical trends in technology affecting central banking in different locations and developing in-depth insights into these technologies to be shared with the central banking community; developing public goods in the technology space geared towards improving the functioning of the global financial system; and servicing as the focal point for a network of central bank experts on innovation.

Banking activities

In 2019/20, BIS banking services were able to face the challenges arising from the volatile and rapidly changing market environment caused by the Covid-19 crisis starting in early 2020. In this period of turbulence, the Banking Department navigated a strained financial environment and continued to offer a full range of services, while operating in a business continuity context. This required a swift and nimble response.

Financial Stability Institute

In 2019/20, FSI work focused on three main areas as part of the Innovation BIS 2025 strategy. These were: (i) enhancing its capacity-building activities while maintaining its global footprint; (ii) knowledge-sharing in financial technology-related regulatory developments; and (iii) supporting authorities' efforts to enhance their tools for financial crisis management.

Representative Offices

The BIS has two representative offices: one for Asia and the Pacific, the Asian Office , located in Hong Kong SAR, and one for the Americas, the Americas Office, located in Mexico City.

They serve as centres for BIS activities in those regions, strengthening relationships and promoting cooperation between the BIS and regional central banks and supervisory authorities.