Promoting global monetary and financial stability

Section 3 from BIS Annual Report 2018/19

The BIS provides a platform for central bankers and other authorities to serve them in their pursuit of monetary and financial stability. It does so by helping to build a greater collective understanding of the world economy, fostering international cooperation and supporting policymaking.

Economic research, analysis and statistics

Highlights in 2018/19

Over the past year, important work has tackled current major challenges facing the central bank community: monetary policy in the post-crisis environment, the impact of port-crisis regulatory reforms and the broader implications of technological innovation. Policy collaboration has further intensified. 

Banking activities

Innovation BIS 2025 for banking services

During the past financial year, the BIS developed an ambitious agenda that will enhance its banking activities as part of the Innovation BIS 2025 strategy. Under the new strategy, more emphasis will be placed on the Banking Department's various outreach efforts and the improved delivery of services in the various client regions. Additionally, the BIS is committed to supporting finance and investment practices which are environmentally responsible and facilitate the transition towards an environmentally sustainable economy.

Financial Stability Institute

Representative Offices