For suppliers

Supplier registration

As part of our procurement selection processes, suppliers and other counterparties are required to complete a supplier registration questionnaire. The information provided is used to perform vendor due diligence checks and to capture all relevant information for subsequent procurement transactions and payments. The registration form needs to be completed online at this registration link

BIS Terms and Conditions

Credential Checking and Code of Conduct for Contractors forms

For reasons of security and to ensure that the appropriate standards of behaviour and confidentiality are upheld, all BIS contractors must sign the "Code of Conduct for Contractors" and undergo the credential checking procedure prior to starting work.

Please download, fill in, sign and submit the completed forms to the BIS by post or fax five working days prior to arrival at the BIS premises. Please be aware that access to the BIS premises may not be granted if this is not done.

Credential Checking
Code of Conduct for Contractors