Triennial Central Bank Survey of foreign exchange and Over-the-counter (OTC) derivatives markets in 2022

27 Oct 2022 2022 Triennial Central Bank Survey

Patrick McGuire, Head of International Banking and Financial Statistics, discusses the main findings of the 2022 Triennial Central Bank Survey.


The results of the 2022 Triennial Survey are summarised in commentaries about foreign exchange turnover and interest rate turnover. Detailed analyses have been published in the December 2022 issue of the BIS Quarterly Review.

Our data

Market Global summary Detailed tables
Foreign exchange turnover
Commentary    XLSX PDF     XLSX     
D11.1  by instrument, April 2022  
D11.2  by country, 1986-2022  
D11.3  by currency, 1989-2022  
D11.4  by instrument, counterparty and maturity  
D11.5  by country and instrument  
D11.6  by country and counterparty sector  
OTC interest rate derivatives turnover  Commentary     XLSX  PDF     XLSX     
D12.1  by instrument, April 2022  
D12.2  by country, 1995-2022  
D12.3  by currency, 1995-2022  
D12.4  by instrument and counterparty  
D12.5  by country and instrument  
D12.6  by country and counterparty sector  

The BIS ceased receiving data from public authorities in Russia after 28 February 2022. Where possible, data publication will be continued if the BIS is able to use data from public or commercial sources.

Browse and download data

The results of the 2022 Triennial Survey can be browsed using the BIS Statistics Explorer and BIS Statistics Warehouse, and can also be downloaded in a single CSV file

The Triennial Survey complements more frequent regional surveys conducted by foreign exchange committees in AustraliaCanadaLondonNew YorkSingapore and Tokyo as well as the semiannual survey of OTC derivatives markets coordinated by the BIS.

National survey results are also available on the websites of the central banks and other authorities that participated in the survey. 


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