About payments and financial market infrastructures statistics

The BIS publishes statistics on payments and financial market infrastructures (FMIs) in member jurisdictions of the Committee on Payments and Market Infrastructures (CPMI). Widely known as the Red Book statistics, they complement the descriptions of payment and settlement systems in CPMI jurisdictions

In August 2017, the CPMI published a revised methodology of the Red Book statistics. The 2018 statistics (based on figures through end-2017) were the first to use the new methodology. Furthermore, from 2018 onwards, geographical coverage was expanded to include three new CPMI member jurisdictions (Argentina, Indonesia and Spain).

The Red Book statistics for CPMI countries can be accessed via the BIS Statistics Explorer (which allows users to download individual tables), or in (zipped) CSV and SDMX files.

The country tables measure the use of payment instruments and activity in financial market infrastrutures for individual CPMI jurisdictions over time.

It consists of three main areas capturing different aspects of the payments and post-trading industry: 

  1. general macroeconomic factors, which can be used to relate the size of the country's payment and market infrastructure industry to the size of its economic activity. This area includes figures on the stock of money (eg cash in circulation); 
  2. supply and use of retail payments, including details of institutions offering payment services to end users, the supply of cards and terminals, and user demand for cashless payments; and
  3. financial market infrastructures (FMIs) and their critical service providers, including participation and activities in payment systems, central securities depositories and central counterparties. This area also provides information on the flows of SWIFT messages supporting the payment industry.

Statistics are updated and published once a year. Data are provided by CPMI member jurisdictions, SWIFT and CLS Group Holdings.

The comparative tables combine key data from the country tables from all CPMI jurisdictions. 

They also contain useful qualitative information on credit and debit card schemes, payment systems, central securities depositories, central counterparties and trade repositories. They are updated and published together with the country tables once a year.

The BIS ceased receiving data from public authorities in Russia after 28 February 2022. Where possible, data publication will be continued if the BIS is able to use data from public or commercial sources.