About the payments and financial market infrastructures statistics

From 19 December 2023, the payments and financial market infrastructures statistics are disseminated through the BIS Data Portal.


The BIS publishes statistics on payments and financial market infrastructures (FMIs) in member jurisdictions of the Committee on Payments and Market Infrastructures (CPMI). Widely known as the Red Book statistics, they complement the descriptions of payment and settlement systems in CPMI jurisdictions.

The Red Book statistics contain statistics on the following:

In August 2017, the CPMI published a revised methodology of the Red Book statistics. The 2018 statistics (based on figures through end-2017) were the first to use the new methodology. Furthermore, from 2018 onwards, geographical coverage was expanded to include three new CPMI member jurisdictions (Argentina, Indonesia and Spain).

The Red Book statistics can be accessed via the BIS Data Portal, which allows users to download individual timeseries as well as country and comparative tables, or the (zipped) CSV and SDMX files.

The BIS ceased receiving data from public authorities in Russia after 28 February 2022. Where possible, data publication will be continued if the BIS is able to use data from public or commercial sources.