BIS Statistical Bulletin, March 2016

06 March 2016

Updated 6 March 2016

The BIS Statistical Bulletin provides an extensive overview of the statistics published by the BIS. Statistics published in the Bulletin are compiled in cooperation with central banks and other national authorities and are designed to inform analysis of financial stability, international monetary spillovers and global liquidity.

Some BIS statistics, in particular those on international banking, securities markets and derivatives activity, are part of special collections under the auspices of BIS-hosted committees of central banks. Other BIS statistics draw on national data but incorporate assumptions and estimations by BIS statisticians to construct specific measures, such as global liquidity indicators, aggregate credit figures, debt service ratios and effective exchange rates.

The contents of the Bulletin - in which data are presented in tabular form - include the following sections:

Publication dates

The complete version of the Bulletin is published quarterly, in conjunction with the BIS Quarterly Review. Statistics in some sections of the Bulletin are updated more frequently and are made available on the home pages of each dataset.

View our release calendar for advance notice of publication dates.

Browse and download data

The latest data, as well as historical data, are available on the relevant statistics pages on the BIS website, and can be browsed and downloaded via:

The statistics can also be downloaded in a single CSV file.

Up to September 2015 these data were published in a different format. Use our table mapping guide to find the corresponding new table numbers of data from the old statistical tables.


For queries on BIS statistics, please write to statistics$ (where "$" denotes "@").