Research and analysis using the BIS international banking statistics

Publications featured on this page have been selected for their particular relevance to the BIS international banking statistics. They include working papers, articles from BIS Quarterly Reviews and the latest statistical commentary.

Selected publications by topic

Dec 2020 Bilateral International Investments: the Big Sur? 
by Fernando Broner, Tatiana Didier, Sergio L Schmukler and Goetz von Peter
Dec 2020 International banking amidst Covid-19: resilience and drivers 
by Bryan Hardy and Előd Takáts
Jun 2020 International dimensions of EME corporate debt 
by Stefan Avdjiev, Patrick McGuire and Goetz von Peter
May 2019 How does the interaction of macroprudential and monetary policies affect cross-border bank lending? 
by Előd Takáts and Judit Temesvary
Mar 2019 Emerging markets' reliance on foreign bank credit 
by Bryan Hardy
Mar 2019 Following the imprint of the ECB's asset purchase programme on global bond and deposit flows 
by Stefan Avdjiev, Mary Everett and Hyun Song Shin
Dec 2018 The growing footprint of EME banks in the international banking system 
by Eugenio Cerutti, Catherine Koch and Swapan-Kumar Pradhan
Dec 2018 Gross capital flows by banks, corporates and sovereigns 
by Stefan Avdjiev, Bryan Hardy, Sebnem Kalemli-Ozcan and Luis Servén
Aug 2018 Transmission of monetary policy through global banks: whose policy matters? 
by Stefan Avdjiev, Catherine Koch, Patrick McGuire and Goetz von Peter
Jul 2018 Gauging procyclicality and financial vulnerability in Asia through the BIS banking and financial statistics 
by Stefan Avdjiev, Bat-el Berger and Hyun Song Shin
Jun 2018 US monetary policy and fluctuations of international bank lending 
by Stefan Avdjiev and Galina Hale
Mar 2018 Common lenders in emerging Asia: their changing roles in three crises 
by Catherine Koch and Eli M Remolona
Jan 2018 The dollar exchange rate as a global risk factor: evidence from investment 
by Stefan Avdjiev, Valentina Bruno, Catherine Koch and Hyun Song Shin
Aug 2017 The Distance Effect in Banking and Trade 
by Michael Brei and Goetz von Peter
May 2017 Supply- and demand-side factors in global banking 
by Mary Amiti, Patrick McGuire and David E Weinstein
Apr 2017 External debt composition and domestic credit cycles 
by Stefan Avdjiev, Stephan Binder and Ricardo Sousa
Mar 2017 Foreign banks and credit conditions in EMEs 
by Torsten Ehlers and Patrick McGuire
Dec 2016 The currency dimension of the bank lending channel in international monetary transmission 
by Előd Takáts and Judit Temesvary
Dec 2015 Dollar credit to emerging market economies 
by Robert N McCauley, Patrick McGuire and Vladyslav Sushko
Sep 2011 Global credit and domestic credit booms 
by Claudio Borio, Robert N McCauley and Patrick McGuire
Dec 2008 Bank health and lending to emerging markets 
 by Patrick McGuire and Nikola Tarashev