Research and analysis using the BIS international banking statistics

Publications featured on this page have been selected for their particular relevance to the BIS international banking statistics. They include working papers, articles from BIS Quarterly Reviews and the latest statistical commentary.

Selected publications

Dec 2020 International banking amidst Covid-19: resilience and drivers
Highlights the resilience and examines the drivers of international bank lending during the Covid-19 pandemic
Sep 2020  Cross-border links between banks and non-bank financial institutions
Documents the growing interconnectedness between banks and non-bank financial institutions and the concentration of links around financial centres and large advanced economies
Jun 2020 International dimensions of EME corporate debt
Presents corporates' external and foreign currency debt for key emerging market economies
Sep 2019 Non-bank counterparties in international banking
Presents and analyses new sectoral breakdowns for non-bank counterparties available in the international banking statistics
Jul 2019 Measuring contagion risk in international banking
Proposes a novel methodology for measuring contagion risk in international banking
Jun 2019 Concentration in cross-border banking
Documents the structural concentration of cross-border banking: a small number of country-level links dominate global cross-border bank credit
May 2019

How does the interaction of macroprudential and monetary policies affect cross-border bank lending?
Examines cross-border bank lending and finds that macroprudential and monetary policies interact

Mar 2019

Emerging markets' reliance on foreign bank credit
Examines the reliance of emerging market borrowers on foreign bank credit and the concentration in credit from foreign creditor banking systems

Mar 2019

Following the imprint of the ECB's asset purchase programme on global bond and deposit flows
Traces the imprint of the ECB's expanded asset purchase programme on international bond portfolios and euro-denominated deposits

Dec 2018

The growing footprint of EME banks in the international banking system
Explores how EME banks use their foreign affiliates to extend rapidly increasing EME-to-EME lending

Dec 2018

The geography of dollar funding of non-US banks
Examines where non-US banks source their US dollar liabilities

Dec 2018

Gross capital flows by banks, corporates and sovereigns
Builds a new dataset of gross capital flows by sector and documents new patterns regarding the co-movement and procyclicality of capital flows

Jul 2018

Transmission of monetary policy through global banks: whose policy matters?
Examines whose monetary policy matters for banks' international lending - the lender's, the borrower's, or that of the currency in which lending is denominated

Sep 2017 Recent enhancements to the BIS statistics
Introduces a newly published currency breakdown of cross-border loans and deposits in the LBS
Aug 2017 The Distance Effect in Banking and Trade
Estimates gravity equations in trade and banking using theory-consistent methods, to show that informational frictions and other evidence of globalization show up not just in the distance coefficient but also in the extensive margin and in a global component
Jun 2017 The shifting drivers of global liquidity
Examines the importance of US monetary policy and global risk aversion as drivers of global liquidity
May 2017 Supply- and demand-side factors in global banking
Distinguishes between supply and demand forces in determining movements in international banking flows
Dec 2016 The currency dimension of the bank lending channel in international monetary transmission
Investigates how the use of a currency transmits monetary policy shocks in the global banking system
Nov 2016 The dollar, bank leverage and the deviation from covered interest parity
Analyses the triangular relationship formed by the strength of the US dollar, cross-border bank lending in US dollars and deviations from covered interest parity
Sep 2016 Recent enhancements to the BIS statistics
Introduces newly published data on the claims and liabilities of banks in each LBS-reporting country on counterparties in more than 200 countries
Sep 2015 Enhanced data to analyse international banking
Explains new data collected in the LBS and CBS since the Great Financial Crisis and how they enrich analysis of banks' lending and funding
Oct 2009 The US dollar shortage in global banking and the international policy response
Examines the build-up of stresses on banks' international balance sheets that set the stage for the shortage of US dollars during the Great Financial Crisis
Sep 2005 The BIS consolidated banking statistics: structure, uses and improvements
Explains how the CBS were expanded to better capture banks' country risk exposures