BIS Quarterly Review, June 2016

BIS Quarterly Review  | 
06 June 2016
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The June issue contains only information on BIS statistics, notably the BIS Statistical Bulletin; relevant material about financial developments has been included in the BIS Annual Report published 26 June 2016.

International banking and financial market developments

The slowdown in international banking activity that began in early 2015 broadened in the final quarter of the year. The $651 billion contraction in cross-border bank lending affected most major currencies, sectors and regions. A $276 billion drop in cross-border claims on euro area countries accounted for the largest share of the $361 billion fall in lending to advanced economies. Cross-border bank credit to emerging market economies (EMEs) was down by $159 billion during Q4 2015, or 8% in the year to end-December 2015 - the sharpest year-on-year contraction since 2009. More...

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As part of China's commitments as a member of the Committee on the Global Financial System and the G20, the State Administration of Foreign Exchange (SAFE) has been working with the BIS to compile data on the international business of banks in China for reporting the locational banking statistics (LBS). In March 2016 SAFE started to publish some of these data. Once the full details are available, these data will be included in the LBS published by the BIS. The future inclusion of China in the LBS-reporting population will result in a 3% increase in reporting banks' aggregate cross-border assets and a 4% increase in cross-border liabilities. More...
Residential property prices increased significantly in advanced economies during 2015 (Graph B1). They rose by 4% on average in the fourth quarter of 2015 on a year-on-year basis in real terms (ie deflated by the CPI), and their growth was particularly strong in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States. Prices grew more moderately in Japan and also in the euro area, mainly driven by developments in Germany and Spain. More...