BCBS Compendium of Documents - Volume III: International supervisory issues


Volume Three - International Supervisory Issues 

Chapter I : The Basel Concordat and Minimum Standards

Authorisation procedures for banks' foreign establishments (March 1983) (6 pages, 27037 bytes)
  A set of recommendations designed to reduce the risk that licences are granted to unsuitable foreign banking applicants.

Principles for the supervision of banks' foreign establishments (the "Concordat") (May 1983) (7 pages, 31039 bytes)
  A set of principles governing the supervision of banks' foreign establishments by parent and host authorities.

Information flows between banking supervisory authorities (Supplement to the Concordat) (April 1990) (10 pages, 41371 bytes)
  A paper which was issued as a Supplement to the 1983 Concordat following work carried out jointly with the Offshore Group of Banking Supervisors.

Minimum Standards for the supervision of international banking groups and their cross-border establishments (July 1992) (6 pages, 28382 bytes)
  A paper setting out four minimum standards governing the supervision of cross-border banking.

The supervision of cross-border banking (October 1996) (29 pages, 113513 bytes)
  A report prepared in collaboration with the Offshore Group of Banking Supervisors which contains twenty-nine recommendations aimed at reducing impediments to the effective supervision of cross-border banking.

Chapter II : Relations with other financial market supervisors

Exchanges of information between banking and securities supervisors (April 1990) (6 pages, 32026 bytes)
  A document which examines ways of improving prudential information flows between banking and securities supervisors.

Basel/IOSCO Joint Statement for the Lyon Summit (May 1996) (6 pages, 30077 bytes)
  A joint note which sets out eight principles that the Basel Committee and IOSCO have agreed to promote and which announces a joint initiative in the supervision of diversified financial groups.

Joint Forum on financial conglomerates (September 1998) (6 pages, 29637 bytes)
  Information on the composition, mandate and work of the Joint Forum on Financial Conglomerates, including a description of the several papers which were issued for consultation earlier in 1998.

Chapter III : Other international supervisory issues

The relationship between bank supervisors and external auditors (July 1989) (19 pages, 81657 bytes)
  A document prepared in association with the International Auditing Practices Committee of the International Federation of Accountants that examines the respective roles of bank supervisors and auditors and provides guidance on how the relationships between them can be strengthened.

Deposit protection schemes in the member countries of the Basel Committee (June 1998) (9 pages, 36273 bytes)
  A synopsis of the deposit protection arrangements in the Group of Ten and Luxembourg.

The insolvency liquidation of a multinational bank (December 1992) (21 pages, 84998 bytes)
  Lessons for supervisors arising from the closure of BCCI.

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