Release of provisional international banking statistics at end-December 2005

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25 April 2006

The BIS is today releasing the provisional results (PDF) of the locational and consolidated banking statistics for end-December 2005 (see commentary). The locational statistics provide an insight into the aggregate international claims and liabilities of all banks in the 39 reporting countries on a residence and nationality basis. Whereas the consolidated statistics, which exclude banks' inter-office cross border business, indicate the nature and extent of foreign claims of banks headquartered in 30 major financial centres, as well as providing supplementary information about vis-à-vis countries' external debt.

The following trends were noted in the fourth quarter of 2005:

  • moderate expansion of locational cross-border lending, supported by buoyant investments in securities.
  • stable consolidated claims on a contractual basis, with contrasting developments reported by individual countries. On an ultimate risk basis exposures on non-banks increased slightly, compensating for the decrease in the claims on banks, mostly in developed countries.

A more detailed commentary on these sets of statistics will be made available in the BIS Quarterly Review to be published on 12 June 2006.

Questions arising from these statistics can be directed to:

Philippe Mesny    tel: + 41 61 280 8425, e-mail:

The BIS expects to release the provisional international banking statistics at end-March 2006 no later than 25 July 2006.

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