Americas Office research papers - last 2 years

Includes papers by the BIS CCA (Consultative Council for the Americas) and the BIS Economics for Latin America and the Caribbean (ELAC) group. Other papers presented in BIS CCA Research Conferences can be found on the respective conference websites.

Date Titles
Mar 2017

The dynamics of investment projects: evidence from Peru

by Rocío Gondo and Marco Vega

Mar 2017

Commodity price risk management and fiscal policy in a sovereign default model

by Bernabe Lopez-Martin, Julio Leal and Andre Martinez Fritscher

Mar 2017

Volatility risk premia and future commodities returns

by José Renato Haas Ornelas and Roberto Baltieri Mauad

Mar 2017

Business cycles in an oil economy

by Drago Bergholt, Vegard H Larsen and Martin Seneca

Mar 2017

Oil, equities, and the zero lower bound

by Deepa Datta, Benjamin K Johannsen, Hannah Kwon and Robert J Vigfusson

Mar 2017

Macro policy responses to natural resource windfalls and the crash in commodity prices

by Frederick van der Ploeg

Mar 2017

Foreign exchange liquidity in the Americas

BIS Papers No 90

Feb 2017

Revisiting the commodity curse: a financial perspective

by Enrique Alberola-Ila and Gianluca Benigno

Jan 2017

Market volatility, monetary policy and the term premium

by Sushanta K Mallick, Madhusudan Mohanty and Fabrizio Zampolli

Jan 2017

Wage and price setting: new evidence from Uruguayan firms

by Fernando Borraz, Gerardo Licandro and Daniela Sola

Jan 2017

Endogenous wage indexation and aggregate shocks

by Julio A. Carrillo, Gert Peersman and Joris Wauters

Jun 2016

Output gaps and policy stabilisation in Latin America: the effect of commodity and capital flow cycles

by Enrique Alberola-Ila, Rocío Gondo, Marco Jacopo Lombardi and Diego Urbina

Mar 2016

When the walk is not random: commodity prices and exchange rates

by Emanuel Kohlscheen, Fernando Avalos and Andreas Schrimpf

Mar 2016

Moving in tandem: bank provisioning in emerging market economies

by Andrés Murcia Pabón and Emanuel Kohlscheen

Feb 2016

Fiscal policy and the cycle in Latin America: the role of financing conditions and fiscal rules

by Enrique Alberola-Ila, Iván Kataryniuk, Ángel Melguizo and René Orozco

Oct 2015

Leverage on the buy side

by Fernando Avalos, Ramon Moreno and Tania Romero

Oct 2015

International reserves and gross capital flow dynamics

by Enrique Alberola-Ila, Aitor Erce and José María Serena

Jul 2015

Macroeconomic Effects of Banking Sector Losses across Structural Models

by Luca Guerrieri, Matteo Iacoviello, Francisco Covas, John C. Driscoll, Mohammad Jahan-Parvar, Michael Kiley, Albert Queralto and Jae Sim

Jul 2015

Macroprudential Policies in a Commodity Exporting Economy

by Andrés González, Franz Hamann and Diego Rodríguez

Jul 2015

Phases of global liquidity, fundamentals news, and the design of macroprudential policy

by Javier Bianchi and Enrique G Mendoza

Jul 2015

Credit and macroprudential policy in an emerging economy: a structural model assessment

by Horacio A Aguirre and Emilio F Blanco

Apr 2015

Currency carry trades in Latin America

BIS Papers No 81