Economic impact of Basel III's capital and liquidity regulations

FRAME content on capital and liquidity regulations

FRAME records quantitative impact estimates of Basel III capital and liquidity regulations (including those affecting banks' liquidity coverage and stable funding) on more than 10 economic and financial variables (see chart). The number of records ranges from less than 10 for the effects of stable funding regulation on GDP to more than 50 for the effect of capital regulation on bank lending. The repository also includes the references and hyperlinks to the studies underlying the estimates.

See the BIS Quarterly Review special feature "Impact of financial regulations: insights from an online repository of studies".


By Frederic Boissay, Stijn Claessens and Alan Villegas.

The views expressed in the studies referenced in FRAME are those of their authors and do not necessarily reflect ours or those of the BIS. We are nonetheless responsible for any error or omission in the reporting of those studies.