Thirteenth Annual BIS CCA Research Conference on "Growth, productivity and macro modelling in the Americas"

Co-hosted with the Bank of Canada, Central Bank of Chile and the IMF, Ottawa, 26-27 October 2023.

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Thursday 26 October 2023


Opening remarks
Jim MacGee
, Managing Director, Economic and Financial Research, Bank of Canada
Mariana García, Head of Economic Research Department, Central Bank of Chile


Session I: Dynamics of productivity growth
Chair: Jim MacGee
(Bank of Canada)


"Productivity, investment and wealth dynamics under financial frictions"
Alvaro Aguirre, Matias Tapia, Lucciano Villacorta (Central Bank of Chile)
Discussant: Jordi Jaumandreu (Boston University)


"Moore's Law and Economic Growth"
Pablo Azar (NY Fed)
Discussant: Laurent Cavenaile (University of Toronto)


Session II: Inflation expectations, credit and banking
Chair: Gustavo Adler


"Inflation expectations measurement and its effect on inflation dynamics in Colombia"
Andrés Sánchez-Jabba (Central Bank of Colombia)
Discussant: Mariana García (Central Bank of Chile)


"Unconventional credit policy in an economy with supply and demand credit frictions"
Jorge Pozo and Youel Rojas (Central Reserve Bank of Peru)
Discussant: Albert Queralto (Fed Board)


"The impact of ICTs on banks, credit and savings: an examination of Brazil"
Flavia Alves (Central Bank of Brazil)
Discussant: Jinyuan Zhang (UCLA Anderson School of Management)

Friday 27 October 2023


Welcoming remarks
Carolyn Rogers
, Senior Deputy Governor, Bank of Canada


Session III: Technology adoption, convergence and firm entry
Chair: Carola Muller


"Technology Adoption and the Latin American TFP Gap"
Ufuk Akcigit, Harun Alp (Board Fed), Maya Eden and Ha Nguyen
Discussant: Enisse Kharroubi (BIS)


"Unconditional convergence in the Mexican manufacturing sector"
Alex Rivadeneira (Bank of Mexico)
Discussant: Michelle Alexopoulos (University of Toronto)


"Growth expectations and the dynamics of firm entry"
Enisse Kharroubi (BIS)
Discussant: Matteo Cacciatore (HEC Montreal)


Panel: Promoting growth and productivity in the Americas
Chair: Jon Frost
Fernanda Guardado (Central Bank of Brazil), Alejandrina Salcedo (Bank of Mexico), Eric Santor (Bank of Canada) and Gustavo Adler (IMF)


Session IV: Sectoral productivity growth in the US and cross-border spillovers
Chair: Carola Müller


"Allocative efficiency and the productivity slowdown"
Lin Shao and Rongsheng Tang (Bank of Canada)
Discussant: Samuel Pienknagura (IMF)


"Cross-border impacts of climate policy packages in North America"
Jean-Marc Fournier, Tannous Kass-Hanna, Liam Masterson, Anne-Charlotte Paret and Sneha Thube (IMF)
Discussant: Nicholas Rivers (University of Ottawa)


Closing remarks
Jon Frost, Head of Economics for the Americas, BIS Americas Office

N.B. Author presentations: 25 minutes - Discussant responses: 10 minutes - Each presentation will conclude with 10 minutes of open discussion. The presenters of the papers are in bold.