Tenth BIS CCA Research Conference "Macro models and micro data"

Hosted by the Central Bank of Argentina, 23-24 May 2019


Thursday 23 May


Opening remarks by Veronica Rappoport (CB of Argentina) and Enique Alberola (BIS)


Session I: Labour
Chair: Mauro Alessandro (CB of Argentina)


Wage cyclicality of new and continuing jobs
by Elías Albagli, Gabriela Contreras, Matías Tapia and Juan Wlasiuk (Central Bank of Chile)
Discussant: Michael Pries (U of Notre Dame) (presentation)


Demographic origins of the decline in labor's share
by Jacob Short (Bank of Canada) and Andrew Glover
Discussant: Nicolas Vincent (HEC Montreal) (presentation)


Session II: Household Finance (Part I)
: Juan Contreras (BIS)


Credit demand at the household level: RCC meets ENAHO
by Nikita Céspedes (CB of Peru) 
Discussant: Sergio Mayordomo (Bank of Spain) (presentation)


Session III: Household Finance (Part II)
: Juan Contreras (BIS)


The impact of credit risk mispricing on mortgage lending during the subprime boom (presentation)
by Benjamin S. Kay (Federal Reserve Board) and James A. Kahn
Discussant: Larry Cordell (Philadelphia Fed) (presentation)


Government Banks, household debt, and economic downturns: The case of Brazil
by Gabriel Garber (CB of Brazil), Atif Mian, Jacopo Ponticelli and Amir Sufi
Discussant: João Cocco (London Business School)


Keynote address: Jonathan Parker (MIT Sloan)
Novel micro data for macro analysis: reported beliefs, reported effects, and observed economic behavior

Friday 24 May


Session IV - Trade (Part I)
: Laura D'Amato (CB of Argentina)


Trade policy uncertainty and its effect on foreign direct investment and export participation: evidence from Mexico
by Alfonso Cebreros, Daniel Chiquiar, Aldo Heffner and Alejandrina Salcedo (Bank of Mexico)
Discussant: Deborah Swenson (UC Davis) (presentation)


Export survival and foreign financing
by Laura D'Amato, Máximo Sangiacomo (CB of Argentina) and Martin Tobal
Discussant: Facundo Albornoz (U of Nottingham) (presentation)


Session V - Trade (Part II)
: Laura D'Amato (BCRA)


Intra- and inter-industry misallocation and comparative advantage
by José Pulido (Bank of the Republic, Colombia)
Discussant: Lorenzo Caliendo (Yale SOM) (presentation)


Panel: Policy uses of micro data in Central Banks
: Enrique Alberola (BIS)
Martin Tobal (Bank of Mexico), Juan Wlasiuk (CB of Chile), Mauro Alessandro (CB of Argentina)

13:00-13:15 Conclusions and final remarks by Mauro Alessandro (CB of Argentina) and Enrique Alberola (BIS)