Tenth BIS CCA Research Conference "Macro models and micro data"

Hosted by the Central Bank of Argentina, 23-24 May 2019


Thursday 23 May


Opening remarks by Veronica Rappoport (CB of Argentina) and Enique Alberola (BIS)


Session I: Labour
Chair: Mauro Alessandro (CB of Argentina)


Wage cyclicality of new and continuing jobs
by Elías Albagli, Gabriela Contreras, Matías Tapia and Juan Wlasiuk (Central Bank of Chile)
Discussant: Michael Pries (U of Notre Dame) (presentation)


Demographic origins of the decline in labor's share
by Jacob Short (Bank of Canada) and Andrew Glover (later published as BIS Working Papers, no 874)
Discussant: Nicolas Vincent (HEC Montreal) (presentation)


Session II: Household Finance (Part I)
: Juan Contreras (BIS)


Credit demand at the household level: RCC meets ENAHO
by Nikita Céspedes (CB of Peru) 
Discussant: Sergio Mayordomo (Bank of Spain) (presentation)


Session III: Household Finance (Part II)
: Juan Contreras (BIS)


The impact of credit risk mispricing on mortgage lending during the subprime boom (presentation)
by Benjamin S. Kay (Federal Reserve Board) and James A. Kahn (later published as BIS Working Papers, no 875)
Discussant: Larry Cordell (Philadelphia Fed) (presentation)


Government Banks, household debt, and economic downturns: The case of Brazil
by Gabriel Garber (CB of Brazil), Atif Mian, Jacopo Ponticelli and Amir Sufi (later published as BIS Working Papers, no 876)
Discussant: João Cocco (London Business School)


Keynote address: Jonathan Parker (MIT Sloan)
Novel micro data for macro analysis: reported beliefs, reported effects, and observed economic behavior

Friday 24 May


Session IV - Trade (Part I)
: Laura D'Amato (CB of Argentina)


Trade policy uncertainty and its effect on foreign direct investment and export participation: evidence from Mexico
by Alfonso Cebreros, Daniel Chiquiar, Aldo Heffner and Alejandrina Salcedo (Bank of Mexico)
Discussant: Deborah Swenson (UC Davis) (presentation)


Export survival and foreign financing
by Laura D'Amato, Máximo Sangiacomo (CB of Argentina) and Martin Tobal (later published as BIS Working Papers, no 877)
Discussant: Facundo Albornoz (U of Nottingham) (presentation)


Session V - Trade (Part II)
: Laura D'Amato (BCRA)


Intra- and inter-industry misallocation and comparative advantage
by José Pulido (Bank of the Republic, Colombia)
Discussant: Lorenzo Caliendo (Yale SOM) (presentation)


Panel: Policy uses of micro data in Central Banks
: Enrique Alberola (BIS)
Martin Tobal (Bank of Mexico), Juan Wlasiuk (CB of Chile), Mauro Alessandro (CB of Argentina)

13:00-13:15 Conclusions and final remarks by Mauro Alessandro (CB of Argentina) and Enrique Alberola (BIS)