Opening ceremony of the BIS Innovation Hub Eurosystem Centre

Frankfurt and Paris, 28 March 2023, 15:00–16:10 CEST

Opening ceremony of the BIS Innovation Hub Eurosystem Centre

The event will celebrate the opening of the BIS Innovation Hub Eurosystem Centre, and will take place simultaneously at the centre's offices in Paris and Frankfurt.


115 rue Réaumur
75002 Paris, France

Mainzer Landstraße 16
60325 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Online streaming
The event will be streamed live between the two locations, on this page and on the BIS YouTube channel.

Opening video showcasing Paris and Frankfurt offices

Opening remarks

Speakers: Agustín Carstens (Bank for International Settlements), Christine Lagarde (European Central Bank), François Villeroy de Galhau (Banque de France) and Joachim Nagel (Bundesbank)

The opening remarks will provide different perspectives on innovation, the work of the Hub and the setup of the Eurosystem Centre, starting with the BIS's global perspective, taking in the ECB's supranational scope, and closing with the Bundesbank's and the Banque de France's respective perspectives on the centre's development in Frankfurt and Paris.

Panel Discussion Regtech and suptech in the context of cryptocurrencies and decentralised finance

Chair: Cecilia Skingsley (Bank for International Settlements)

Panelists: Gabriel Makhlouf (Central Bank of Ireland), Pablo Hernandéz de Cos (Banco de España)

Over the last few years, cryptoassets and decentralised finance (DeFi) have evolved into a dynamic ecosystem growing in size, complexity and connectedness. This development has been plagued with recurring turbulence, and there has recently been a cascade of significant bankruptcies among key players.

Regulators and supervisors face the challenge of how to regulate this new system. Some have argued that DeFi offers the potential to increase financial market efficiency. On the other hand, many applications seem to be using decentralisation to evade regulation.

The panel will explore ideas and approaches to the monitoring and regulation of cryptoassets and decentralised finance as well as the scope for leveraging its potential. Further, there will be a discussion on experiences and progress on possible solutions.

Introduction of the Eurosystem Centre

Raphael Auer (Bank for International Settlements)

Project presentations

Presentation of the initial Eurosystem Centre projects

  • Project Atlas: Jan Paulick
  • Project Leap: Angela Dupont
  • Project Gaia: María Molero

Closing remarks