Sustainability & corporate social responsibility

The BIS is committed to environmental sustainability through its work for and with the central banking community and in its drive to operate as a responsible international financial institution. Our internal efforts cover our corporate activities and employee behaviour as well as our investment activities.

The BIS Green Team, a group of staff volunteers, plays a key role in shaping our corporate sustainability discussions. The team researches and presents to Management environmental sustainability ideas and helps create ongoing awareness across the Bank.

The environmental footprint of the BIS's Switzerland offices (where 90% of staff are based) is tracked on an annual basis, and we strive to reduce our impact.

As travel resumes post-pandemic, we are making efforts to limit our business travel. We updated our business travel policy in 2021 to further enhance the Bank's consideration for the environmental impact of our business travels.

In addition, we have invested in technology to make videoconferencing more widely available. These developments are likely to lead to a lower volume of business travel and thereby help contain future emissions relative to historical trends.

Regarding our investment activities, we have integrated sustainability considerations into the management of our staff pension fund and have invested in green bonds in our own funds portfolio.

In addition, we have planned a pilot to assess climate-related financial risks on the Bank's balance sheet.

Corporate social responsibility

The BIS brings together the international community to advance economic policy in order to ultimately enhance global social well-being.

The BIS's tradition of philanthropic giving goes back nine decades. The Bank's first donation was made on 30 September 1930, four months after the Bank opened its doors for business. Since then, the Bank has made financial contributions in support of both the local Basel community and relief efforts related to natural and humanitarian disasters across the globe.