Other activities related to implementation and evaluation

The Basel Committee is also involved in other initiatives relating to the implementation of its standards:

  • Implementation reports to the G20: The Committee regularly updates the G20 on member jurisdictions' progress towards implementing the Basel III standards.
  • QIS monitoring: The Committee monitors the impact of its standards on a sample of banks on a semiannual basis and compiles the results in Quantitative Impact Studies (QIS).
  • Surveys on subjects of supervisory interest: The Financial Stability Institute (FSI) conducts surveys on subjects of supervisory interest and shares the results with the supervisory community.
  • G-SIBs - assessment methodology and the additional loss absorbency requirement: The Basel Committee's assessment methodology helps to identify global systemically important banks (G-SIBs) and allocate them to buckets that will be used to determine their higher loss absorbency requirement.
  • Countercyclical capital buffer: The Basel Committee's countercyclical capital buffer aims to ensure that banking sector capital requirements take account of the macro-financial environment in which banks operate.

The Committee is also involved in cross-sectoral thematic evaluations conducted by the Financial Stability Board (FSB):