Reports to the G20 on implementation monitoring

The Committee regularly updates the G20 on member jurisdictions' progress towards implementing the Basel III standards. These reports include information on the Committee's efforts to improve consistency in reported prudential capital ratios across banks and jurisdictions, the harmonisation of regulations across member jurisdictions, finalisation of remaining post-crisis reforms that form part of the Basel regulatory framework and steps being taken to reduce variance in implementation practices.

Latest report to the G20 on implementation monitoring (November 2020)

Implementation of Basel standards - A report to G20 Leaders on implementation of the Basel III regulatory reforms

Full, timely and consistent implementation of Basel III remains fundamental to building a resilient financial system, maintaining public confidence in regulatory ratios and providing a level playing field for internationally active banks. This report updates G20 Leaders on the progress of Basel Committee member jurisdictions in implementing the Basel III regulatory reforms, and on Basel Framework-related measures taken by Basel Committee members in response to Covid-19.