Approval guidelines

The following guidelines apply to permission requests for use of BIS Material (other than the statistics displayed under the "Statistics" tab). They must be satisfied before the BIS will be in a position to approve your permission request. The BIS reserves the right to alter these guidelines at any time.

  1. You should provide a brief explanation of how you intend to use the BIS Material in your publication or product.
  2. Your proposed use of the BIS Material must not be potentially misleading, for example by implying endorsement or affiliation with the BIS or any body affiliated with the BIS.
  3. The BIS may require a disclaimer to be included in your publication or product, depending on the circumstances.
  4. The BIS must be cited in your publication or product as the source of the BIS Material.
  5. If BIS Material will be translated into another language, a statement must be included in your publication or product that the translation is not an official BIS translation.
  6. If your proposed use of the BIS Material requires the BIS to seek permission from a third party, the third party does not object.
  7. If the BIS Material will be used in a commercial publication or product, the inclusion of the BIS Material in the publication or product will not result in any additional charge to subscribers or other users.

While approval will generally be given if the above guidelines are satisfied, the BIS nevertheless reserves the right to refuse permission requests for any reason whatsoever.

The use of statistics displayed under the "Statistics" tab is permitted, provided it meets the conditions set out in the "Terms of permitted use of BIS statistics". No other use is permissible.