Americas Office research

The Americas Office develops its activities under the guidance of the Consultative Council for the Americas (CCA), supported by the Economics for Latin America and the Caribbean (ELAC) group in the BIS Monetary and Economic Department. Published research - frequently featured in conferences and BIS publications - covers regional and country-specific topics, including monetary policy, market operations and financial stability.

Research networks

The CCA research networks are collaborative associations of BIS economists, central bank members and academic advisers who jointly research themes on key monetary and financial issues in the Americas. Research network projects are extensive, tackling one primary topic at a time and typically taking between one and two years to complete.

Annual research conferences

Annual research conferences of the CCA bring together researchers from the regional central banking community and distinguished academics. Papers on regional topics of interest are selected by the CCA Scientific Committee, comprising heads of research from the CCA's central banks and the Head of the BIS Monetary and Economic Department.

Working and study groups

The following groups conduct research and analysis in the areas of financial stability and central bank operations.

  • Working Group on Financial Stability: steered by the CCA Consultative Group of Directors of Financial Stability (CGDFS); analyses research topics related to financial market stability
  • Study group on Key Operational Issues in FX Interventions
  • Study Group on Markets and Central Bank Operations: steered by the CCA Consultative Group of Directors of Operations (CGDO); analyses topics related to the functioning and structure of markets and central bank operations 
  • Study Group on Stress Testing: established by the CCA CGDFS; exchanges views and experiences in this area of financial stability monitoring and assessment

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Americas Office economists

Enrique Alberola-Ila, Chief Representative 

Fabrizio Zampolli, Head of ELAC 

Ana Aguilar, Senior Economist

Juan Contreras, Senior Economist 

Carlos Cantú, Economist  

Barbara Ulloa, Visiting Economist

Rodrigo Barbone, Visiting Economist