Research for the Americas

The Americas Office conducts its activities under the guidance of the Consultative Council for the Americas (CCA). The Economics for the Americas (EFTA) team, which is part of the BIS Monetary and Economic Department, drives its research agenda. 

Americas Office research papers

Published research is frequently presented at high-level conferences, published in top field journals and cited in BIS and other policy publications. Papers on regional topics of interest are selected by the CCA Scientific Committee, comprising heads of research from the CCA's central banks and the Head of the BIS Monetary and Economic Department.  

Americas Office conferences

Annual research conferences of the CCA bring together researchers from the regional central banking community and distinguished academics. The Americas Office also organises or co-hosts occasional conferences on other key topics of relevance to CCA members.

Americas Office research networks

The CCA research networks are collaborative associations of BIS economists, central bank members and academic advisers who jointly research themes on key monetary and financial issues in the Americas. These networks are instrumental in promoting an open dialogue on key monetary and financial issues in the Americas.